And the drama between Vera Sidika and Otile Brown continues.

It all started with Vera, who took to her vlog to expose Otile who had asked for a loan of Sh500,000 to buy a new car after 'trading in his car.' Sidika revealed that;

While in Dubai, I bought an expensive watch and it wasn't really a good time for him to ask me for money. It was kinda an awkward situation and he asked for the cash two days after we got back together.

Vera was shocked how Otile asked for money from her barely a week after they got back together and she said;

 I decided to tell him that I don't have any money so that I could see how he would react. But I was surprised. He went quiet on me when I told him that I didn't have the money.

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Otile Brown has come out to respond to Sidika's allegations and he says it's not the first time he was borrowing money from her. The Chaguo la Moyo hitmaker explained that they actually do borrow money from each other on occasions and he was surprised by Vera's demeaning comments about him. In a lengthy Instagram post he wrote:

Dah yani still in shock .. helped this psycho pay her salon rent just the other day manze and I’ve never asked for the money back even after I broke up with her… sasa hizi ni aibu gani ndogo ndogo, is it really worth it??.

He went ahead to say;

'Wakati unajua sisi hukopana pesa. yes I asked for the 500k coz it was a random deal and I didn’t have the full amount at that moment and thought you would come through for me then I would return back kama vile unaniombaga na unarudisha, Kati yangu mimi na wewe nani ana deni ya mwingine?? Si I thought you have more money 🤷‍♂. Why do you always want to make me look small 🤦‍♂… you know I make money. You say that's the reason for the break up when you know very well the reason is because you’ve been pushing me to get you pregnant and marry you. Then you go on social media and switch it all up saying I am the one who wanted a baby. Who posts about babies all the time, ain’t you the one who has cravings?'

The singer claimed that Sidika has a 'physcoogical' problem and needs helps. He further told the well-endowed lass that love isn't forced.

Real talk, Vera Sidika has a problem and needs help. She needs to see a psychiatrist…I regret ever dating you na nimenawa mikono, and don’t think I’ll go back and forth with you …Mapenzi hayalazimishwi. Potelea mbali… I really Didn’t need that Benz that much btw but now I’ll get it just to show you I can!!! don’t act like you got money hauna kitu Ungekua nayo usingeshindwa kulipa rent… And you can’t break me, btw many have tried and failed Miserably you’re just more famous, I’m more influential and you’re only popping when you associate with me and it kills and pains you when we are not together.

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Otile accompanied the post above with screenshots (below);