Once-upon-a-time Bongo superstar Ray C had found love and decided to settle down.

A few weeks ago, Ray C introduced her mzungu lover to the online community with a pic of them together getting cozy.

But it seems, Ray C's Caucasian boyfriend was in a relationship with another woman and had even promised to marry her. A  Kenyan woman identified as Dokky in an interview with a local blog revealed that the Tanzanian queen snatched her man from her.

She said;

 Ray C is taking may man, he had proposed to me and now Ray C has come to stay with him in my house, she can't even be ashamed sleeping on my bed.

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The Mama Nitilie singer is yet to respond the claims she is husband snatcher and she's out here creating awareness about HIV/AIDs.

Ray C took an HIV test and shared the results on social media just to encourage her followers to visit a VCT wajue hali yao.

Nakuhamasisha wewe unaekiangalia hiki kiduduwasha maana kidogo lakini nakiheshimu sana.!!!Alhamdulillah🙏

#Hivawareness ❤

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