Huddah is totally and completely in love.

She once put it out there that it was an achievement having dated a man for months. In her young days, she was not a relationship kind of girl.

Huddah seems all grown up and she has her sh*t together. Have you been reading her comments? Its all about the love of God. More to that, the nude pictures are no more. It's all business and travel.

Well, she has confessed she is now in love and that man is taking up most of her time. I know it does not sound like Huddah but people change.

I mean look at Bridget and Risper. Two famous socialites that had the internet thirsting over their bodies. The two are now wives and heavily pregnant. Bridget is even starting a movement against the exploitation of young girls.

Well, Huddah is also going that route. She took to Instagram with a post saying:

Been a while ... Love got me having a different kind of Lifestyle! I am so Chilled..... Currently, Sexually and financially satisfied with myself!

That’s all a woman needs right? 🤣.... 🤭😌

Huddah has kept her man a secret which is a wise decision if you ask me. No one should be in your business, you will both live a peaceful and happy life especially if you are a celebrity.

Well, we got a chance to see a snippet of her new man and from his dressing and physique, he does not look like an old man as we had all assumed.

Don't believe me? Here is a picture of her man: