An experienced snake catcher has issued a warning urging people to be cautious when using the bathroom.

The Cairns Snake Removalist responded to a call in his local area regarding a water python lurking in the pipes of a toilet.

A woman called him to report the huge snake, which appeared trapped between the seat and the bowl. The rest of the python's body was hidden in the drainage.

'Always check before you sit down,' he wrote in a post to his Facebook page.

'Every year in the dry season we get snakes in toilets. Along with laundries and bathrooms.'

Readers expressed their fear over the situation, with some referring to the post as their 'worst nightmare.'

'Jesus, do they come up through the actual toilet?' another wrote.

The removalist said he releases the snakes he finds in and around homes.

'This snake has been released in a suitable creek,' he told Daily Mail Australia. 'As for call outs for snakes in toilets, [I do] several a year when it gets really dry.'

The snake catcher said it's always best to call a professional when a snake is anywhere on your property.

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