Welcome to Kenya! A country where we are allergic to queues and waiting. A country where mobile phones have helped sort out a myriad of issues to do with payments. A country where innovation excites, especially if it's on your mobile phone.

A new evolution (or shall we say, revolution) has come about. You've probably heard about it. It's called LOOP. A digital banking service and simply the best way to pay and manage your money so you get to do what matters most.

Why is it different? Why is it the best way to make your payments?

It's simple. Money wants to be free. You don't want to be charged a lot of money when you want to make payments. The tariffs on LOOP are affordable and reduced. LOOP will actually become your trusted side-kick. The app relates to you. you can pay bills, you can do debit orders, you can send money and you can buy goods. The interface is sleek and it's pleasing to the eye. That's a bonus.

LOOP has many other features you'll want to explore including an offering of personal loans worth up to sh. 3 million if you're banking with them

Unbank yourself. Get in to LOOP today. This will change your life!