Obinna is trying his luck, but he might be too ambitious.

Vera Sidika is single after Otile Brown broke up with her. She posted all the messy details all over her social media.

Then the next thing we see is Vera on a date with some fine looking man who is camera shy but I am sure the ladies want to see him more of him.

Obina aliona he can also shoot his shot and tried to get Vera to be the next queen in his life. He posted a picture of him and Vera back in the days before Vera Sidika bleached. He was just drooling over what her mama gave her.

His caption:

Baibe call me☎️📞!! Another man poison is another man meat...😉😎🙈😊

I loved the original & I don't mind the upgrade either😍😉

Clearly, Obinna has been feeling this type of way for a long time hadi akachomoa from the archives the picture from their past.

Well, I don't know about you Obinna but from the look of things, Vera Sidika has a type and I don't think you are it.

Other than that, Obinna has also decided to take up the role of a video vixen in Naiboi's new song, 2in1 which is trending at number 9. In case you have not heard it, visit the Songa By Safaricom app by downloading it on the or dialing *812#.