Archives:Remembering the horrific video showing a white man severely beating two African boys

Piece by: Geoffrey Mbuthia

We live in an age where we can get instant news and updates. Which is a good thing. The only downside for me is the news may not be what you want to see, that is sad and depressing.

Like the capacity for man to abuse and demean his fellow man. And often with the most despicable acts! Just yesterday a video was doing the rounds on social media showing a lady in Makueni being physically assaulted by her husband.

It elicited a lot of outrage from many and rightly so. But it seems that such callous acts will keep on going on as a we take a look down memory lane at another video that offended many peoples sensibilities.

In the horrific video, the man who is twice the size of the boys is castigating them for something they have done wrong.

From the conversation one can surmise that the white man is unhappy with the boys for stealing/trying to steal something from him. But he doesn't just stop there. He takes matters into his own hands. Literally.

He starts slapping and kicking them multiple times. The boys try to assuage their abuser but without much success as he keeps mauling them. One wonders why the boys don't fight back. Fight or flight? Why just stand there and receive the beating?

The appalling video makes one want to vomit at the extreme disregard and disdain for human beings be it in Kenya or South Africa where this incident is posited to have taken place.

The video below is courtesy of Jubilee Party Forum:

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