• They say love is blind and I agree with that.

A 26-year-old man has shocked many after confessing that he was in love with his neighbor's grandmother.

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According to this man, he has strong feelings for the 65-year-old grandmother and wants to settle down with her.

Am in love with my neighbor's grandma. She's just 65 years old. I have feelings for her. We usually have deep convos and drink together. Have not made any move yet. But I feel a deep connection with her like we can have something special. Have already started Masturbating just because of her and it's heavenly,' he wrote in part.

The young man however is afraid that society might judge him for marrying a grandmother. He says people are hypocrites and when women date or get married to old men, they are not condemned.

She has seen my erected cassava more than once and she only smiles. I introduced her to social media so we can keep in touch. Am 26 years old and I really want to be with her but society will judge me. A lady can marry a man of 70 years but me as a man I can't do as I please. I love this woman. My only issue is children because I want my own. Am going to make my moves this weekend. I hope it goes well. I always wake up with an erection thinking about her.

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Teniwadess: Speechless😊

Deejaygfunk: The age difference is enough to refer to grandma as "women" 😅😅😅😅

Susantriza: Aren't you ashamed? That's an ancestor!


Maureenk: This is not love.... Is pure lust...

Iamkennysuche: Young man please come and love my grandma she's just 75

Vorovo: it's better than chasing some small girls with big God on IG..

Qween_abisola: I think you need a spiritual help

Ririeye: I am sure your erection will be sleeping under your bed if she was that poor widow in your village.

Buksbabe: Maybe she is rich, wealth can bring up fast love.

Lucygabriel: Do what you think is right and makes you happy