#IfikieWazazi trend is getting bigger. Kenyans have aired their views on the #IfikieWazazi trend which was started mid this week with an aim to expose teenagers (so-called slay kings and queens), who post nasty pictures on social media to their parents and guardians.

Although some have criticised Kenyans for 'hating' on the teenagers, who have turned the CBD into a nasty photoshoots session, sober Kenyans among them celebrities want the county government to do something about this kind of photography.

Kenyans are weeping for the new generation and here are some of the comments under hashtag #IfikieWazazi.

Kelvin_mitchelson: Surely where is photography going to surely the last time I checked this was not the kind of photos we called photoshoot. This is just a disgrace to the real photographers out there. Such a disappointment 😒😒 #ifikiewazazi

Oga Obinna: There is a day I spoke about these Sunday town shoots and guys were like..."you just hating. You just a comedian go be funny and let photographers perfect their skills.😣"

I saw what was happening one day I had gone to town to watch a play at "ALIONS FRONSE"(atleast the models for town shoots will understand) and there were all kinds of little girls and little boys roaming around, changing on the streets doing all kinds of posses for pictures on SMALL CAMERAS (Shoots that won't change your life i mean) and laughing loud (figured they were happy) and I thought to myself-What exactly will they do with these photos?? Social media is a blessing and a curse.

They do all these to post on social media, JUST FOR SOCIAL MEDIA!!! SERIOUSLY??

from upper High school students to lower campus students. DAMN!! If the young ones of this generation are doing this..what will their kids do??🤤😓 I fear for us.

Castro Karani: Whoever is taking those shots should be jailed na tuition irudishwe kwa mashule huu upuzi ikome #ifikiewazazi

Priscilla Atieno: So much needs to be done...wazazi wamelalia masikio sikuizi.....in our time if it happens my mum gets home before yo-you are dead....if u go mrando make sure its around that when she calls you,you can hear.....i used to hate the restriction but here iam thankfull for all that! unless parents stop whasapping,facebokingInstagrammingg.

Akex Hugo: Watoto hata hawajui kuoga alafu wanashikwa shikwa sijui wapi... nktpathetic...

Petrah Neema: The shitty photographers doing the shoots plus the shady parents buying their kids this 15k canon and Nikon cameras!they out here spoiling things for decent photographer s who have morals. Someone, please put these hormonal beings on a leash!*pissed.

Lochi: My sister and I fight. But if I ever happen to see her on those photos on .. brooo she's receiving a worse beating from me than the one my mum will give her. Like is fame and status really that important .. what are morals