On Saturday, I called on Roy whom I found busy scribbling on a piece of paper with the words Mozzart Bet. I later found out that he was researching on the weekend matches on which ones had the best odds to win and earn him some money. Being a generous lad, he offered me some juice before asking me to let him finish whatever he was doing.
After about some ten minutes of being glued to the piece of paper, I ask him to teach me how to bet and win as you one can be in the know how but fail in the art of making money out of the bets. He quickly asked me to follow him to the shopping center. Roy lives in Kawangware.
We then get to this blue-ish and yellow building whose windows had attractive murals. I first thought it was a new bank since it had a lot of human traffic and the last time I had checked, it used to be a bank. I knew in an instance that Roy had probably won some money and our weekend was about to get better.
Upon entering the building, it did not look like a typical banking hall that I was used to. First and foremost, I had never seen a bank with such many TVs broadcasting sporting activities ranging from Football, Tennis, Rugby, horse races to cricket. I mean, this place is a sports fun Haven.
There were comfortable seats with tables around the halls going on with both men and women keenly following the activities on the screens around them. There were also some computers at one end where people were browsing online checking on match analysis and at another end there were even more computers with the team managing them dressed in uniforms which I guessed must have been cashiers and on another end some guys had cuddled up discussing something that seemed very interesting to them.
All of a sudden some guys from one table jumped up in excitement after a goal was scored (I later came to know that they had won some money from a game that was going on). He left me for a moment and went to check out with the cashier then came back with a piece of paper in hand. He then asked me to scribble some numbers he had on his palm onto the piece of paper then handed me twenty shillings to give the cashier. I did just that and after some input on the computer, I was handed another paper but now a computer generated one. I came to learn that it is called a bet slip, the shop attendant advised me to scan my tickets bar-code using the Mozzart Bet App and the app would notify me as soon as I won or on the progress of the matches.
So this was a betting shop. I have walked right past other shops of the kind around town but this one doesn’t even look anything close to that one. This one is more customers oriented. It seems that the designer had in mind the comfort of the customer. All that I have come across, people are upstanding following the match but now you have comfort and can even come with your soda and laze around waiting for a game in play to end.
Fast forward to Monday, I had won sh3,498/= out of a twenty shilling wager! Guess I have the beginner’s luck mojo inside of me. But all in all, way to go Mozzart bet! This is actually a great customer experience with the firm. I even ended up registering with them though am still to get the full touch in making and placing my bets.
Can’t wait for this weekend and make more money.