I guess it is true what they say; where there is smoke, there is fire. Or in this case, where there are photos, there is someone being given mjulubeng, mosolokombo or the D!

A couple of years ago a photo surfaced of Lillian Muli hanging out with the Shabana Fc boss and though rumours spread that the pair were an item, Lillian Muli never came out to accept the fact. Infact, if memory serves me well, she came out and said he was just a friend.

It would seem the man in question, Jared Nevato is not going to let us not know the fact that he has been sleeping with his woman and has now impregnated her. You see, Lillian Muli has been rumoured to be pregnant for a couple of months now but while we were aware of the rumours, we never really could confirm them. Now it seems Jared Nevato has.

So I guess congratulations are in order. Good job Jared. Perhaps as people pat her belly, they should also pat his... You know what, never mind. I guess congratulations are in order.