Tunachoshwa sasa! See what Eric Omondi got his girl Miss. Chanty for Valentines

Piece by: Lily Mwangi

Guys, Eric Omondi has decided to make all of you men look like a big joke! From the billboard, to the trips, to the balls and now this Valentine's day he is not letting it pass without another surprise.

He posted a picture of Miss Chanty leaning against a red BMW with the caption:


Many men are out here saying every day is Valentine's day in their relationships and have not even given their girlfriends a tropical mint sweet.

This is what we call goals my friends. Days like this I wish I was Miss Chanty!

Congratulations Miss Chanty for having this man Eric as the love of your life because it seems like you will constantly be smiling.

Here is a picture of her gift: