Noti Flow is one of those no-nonsense ladies we have around in this slay queen era. She is a rapper who has decided enough is enough when it comes to negative energy.

She has had it rough in her life especially when she decided to join Nairobi D where it was drama after drama. She gained more publicity but her hater increased because she was always in a feud with someone.

The last season has helped her gain millage, especially with her new video releases. So with all the fame, she gained a massive following of haters.

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With this, she decided to take a step and block the comment section on her Instagram because it became more about her family. She does not want negative energy in her life as she is at a place of growth in life.

She said:

So I permanently turned Off Commenting on my IG posts. If you gat an opinion about me keep it to yourself. Or better yet share it with your friends and family. If you gat opinions about my music, YouTube link is on the F***in Bio.

I support her fully because people out there will always try to bring you down but you have o find to realize growth needs change!