Nairobi season 7 was quite a show so many fights and betrayal. The reunion is always the best part because there are no closed doors or secrets you face your enemy and fist fight.

So during the season 7 reunion part one, there was a lot of heat between team Mishy and team Bridget as they were calling each other out.

So in team Mishy, Aliiptisum was very vocal about the fact that Noti flow really doesn't have a house as she claims because she lives in a Brothel. She went on to explain she lives in a massage parlour where she offers the happy hour services.

Happy hour services according to Aliiptiam is offering sex just after a massage which is an extra token of service. So for Noti Flow pays her rent as a tenant of the massage parlour by giving the happy services.

men’ admits Nairobi Diaries Aliiptisam as she calls out Noti Flow

In the midst of the confession, Mishy came out in the open saying she was betrayed by her so-called friend, Noti when she found out that she had been sleeping with her brother and he even went ahead to pay for the tattoo she has on her back.

She said she felt betrayed because she would expect that Noti as her friend would tell her and with that, she would have warned her that he has already slept with slept with ex Nairobi D stars, Judy and Yola who is giving birth anytime from now.

With this weekly dose of drama, we really don't know where Noti stands because she wasn't there to defend herself.