From boys to men, the art of seducing women is refined and tuned. From a young age, as long as a lad's nads have dropped, they will try their level best to become adept at getting into a girl's pants. It is a skill that is horned under the fires of repeated failure and angst until one can claim that his game is competent.

She then placed a knife on a burning stove and then used it to scald his buttocks. Gadem! Some people have been watching too many episodes of 24!

She was then arraigned in court, but sought for more time to treat the boy, only to fail to show up when required. She was recently rearrested and hauled to court. In court she was unrepentant. She explained:

“Si kwa ubaya, amezoea kuechelewa ata ameanza kujua mambo ya kukatia wasichana (I didn’t do this to hurt him, all I was trying was to correct him to stop coming home late and tuning girls)."

Hmm? What do you guys think about this mothers methods? Are they justified?