You know that adage about women being their own worst enemies? Well, I do not think that applies here. On this one I feel has nothing to do with that but rather with schadenfreude. 

For those of you not in the know, that word, schadenfreude, literally refers to feeling good when you see either a rival or celebrity or just anyone in general fall or fail. That is precisely what I see in the comments I can see some females shared online.

You see, afew days ago, but he seemed to reserve the worst of his tirade for the Citizen TV news anchor whom he really tore at. And she in turn returned fire:

“For all you idle, bored hating types who feed off negative vibe you spew about others in your shady closed platforms you don’t even know the people you talk about and you never will!

You’ve only seen them on magazines or Tv or heard them on Radio and you claim you know them. You are a fan in denial. Work on your insecurities first it takes a very emotionally unstable person to spread hateful lies.

But then again there is no publicity that is bad publicity…y’all just mad at yourselves…For real though get Help; brands pay to get advertised you, on the other hand, are so philanthropic you advertise them free of Charge; so you make the brand popular and where does that leave you?”

Well, women took to social media to share their sentiments about and this is what they had to say:

As you can see, everything was off topic and more concerned with Lilian Muli's personality. However, I have had to reduct the comments that I felt were either libellous or were too much of a personal attack on Lilian Muli and her life choices.