Travelling upcountry is a luxury if you are not rich. Ushago kuna mambo! These are the reasons why travelling upcountry may prove to be expensive.

  1. It is assumed that you are rich if you are coming from an urban centre. People from Ushago simply cannot believe that you work but you are broke. HOW?
  2. There may be a contribution for a funeral which you may be selected as the guest of honour because you are from Nairobi.
  3. One of your relatives is sick and there is no health insurance. Alas, you are the hero!
  4. There are kids who did well in class 8, have been called to a good school and its your responsibility to pay their school fees.
  5. The chicken and cow they slaughtered for you costs money. Ebu lipia!
  6. You have to carry shopping for everyone. How dare you go empty handed.
  7. Remember that new car you bought? The one with a V8 for status purposes? It’s a guzzler. Pesa!!!!
  8. If you are going by road, there are other expenses. Food, emergencies, police who demand bribes, NTSA fines etc
  9. If you have kids, there is the issue of school uniforms and January school fees. Watoto watafukuzwa fees ukicheza na ukunywe pesa yao

With all these December expenses, its inevitable that you will be broke on January. January has 90 days!