It's that time of the year where you will leave the house on Friday evening to buy milk and get back home drunk on a Sunday evening. Welcome to DECEMBAR.

Here are some hacks to incorporate during this festive season.

  1. DO NOT DRIVE. Install your favorite taxi app. During this time, there are multiple car accidents because of drunk driving. You don’t want to go in to January with a crazy hospital bill and an injury. Its not worth it.
  2. Always have M-Pesa. The great thing about technology is that you can now link up your banking app with your MPesa. Always have it just in case your card gets declined and you have run out of cash
  3. Buy a cheaper phone. The chances of you losing your phone are higher during Drinkcember. Buy a basic smartphone which can get you the taxi apps and wont be a regret when it gets lost. Usitembee na hio iphone
  4. Do not drunk text your ex. December alcohol can give you fake confidence which will have you saying “Si lakini ye hunipenda kisiri…” Don’t ashame yourself
  5. Do not get drunk at the end year office party. Your bosses are always looking for the next role models of the organizations. Nobody wants to promote that super drunk guy to a position of power
  6. Drink loads of water and eat good food. Hydrating is the most important part of any debauchery. First, you will recover faster from hangovers and you wont get so drunk. Make sure to eat good food. You can always settle for the basic ugali, mboga, nyama na avocado. Mayai boiro pasua is not a meal
  7. If you want to save more money, drink at home. Drinking at home has its advantages. The wines and spirits is cheaper, friends wont derail you and at least you get to pee on your own bed.