Your imagination can take you anywhere. It is however a wonderful experience to bring your imagination into reality. Let's do it today, shall we?

Right then, close your eyes and imagine yourself at the beachfront in Rusinga Island. Most people I know haven't been there so I'll furnish your imagination and you can thank me later.

For you, dear reader who hasn't been there, the place is one you'd absolutely love to explore.

The Island is beautiful. You are seated at the beachfront on a bench in one of the finest places to stay on the island. A place with infinite beauty. The cool breeze calms your mind as face Lake Victoria. Surrounding your bench is among the best manicured lawns you've ever seen and it stretches to the edge of the lake. It provides a natural sensation of serene tranquility

At the corner of your eye, you can see exotic trees. They are a haven for a myriad of bird species - many of which are unique to this small corner of Kenya. The environment here is pure.