Small robbers in Kenya are hated so much that they are subjected to mob justice. Think I am lying? Steal a chicken in your neighborhood and see how your neighbors will show no mercy. What kind of thieves are celebrated in Kenya?

  1. Bank robbers who get away with 50 million
  2. People who steal from the government
  3. People labeled as ‘Controversial businessmen’
  4. People who run down corporates
  5. People who get away with tax evasion
  6. People who hack in to bank systems and get away with illegal cash transfers
  7. Contractors and tender-preneurs who don’t deliver

It’s a fact that stealing big in Kenya will earn you a cult status. People will talk about you like a hero and say “Ayaya… yaani aliiba hio pesa zote?”. Being ethical has now been looked down upon. Big thieves get minimal sentences and TV coverage. We are Kenyans.

In fact, if you are a big crook in Kenya then in a few years you are likely to end up as an inspirational speaker whose sole focus is to mentor the youth in “How to start a business”.

What effect will this have on our children? They now want to become great thieves because they can get away with it and get hero status.

You: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kid: A politician, because I will become rich

This is quite unfortunate. Food for thought!