Fans would love nothing but for Vanessa Mdee and her ex-bae, Juma Jux to get back together.

But based on Vanessa's latest utterances, hiyo haiwes.

"Jux and I are friends and there is a lot we can do together. Besides music, there is a lot we do together and that tells you we can't keep on having differences as we will be spoiling business," Vanessa clarified.

Did she just friend zone Jux.


Music pundits claims that Kisela was a message to Jux that "It is over".

In a past interview she said, "Sometimes I would send him (Jux) a text message at 6am but he would reply at 12 noon. If the platform of sending the text was WhatsApp. I would see two blue ticks on our chat thread, which indicate the recipient of the message actually read the text -and at what time he did so."

Adding, "Most of the instances, he read the texts a few minutes after I had sent them.

Sometimes I would enquire if he had eaten and he would give me a curt response. Such habits communicated that our relationship was undergoing a turbulent phase."

Vanessa gushed about how they meet.

"When we first met I was an upcoming songstress with a fast tongue and one hit song on the radio. You ... well you were pretty much the same. Your boy asked me if I would spit some bars on your song. I said no. Then walked into the studio and met you and instantly had a change of heart. Fast forward to 2yrs later, tumekuwa. You've got the biggest song in the country #Wivu and a multi million dollar brand #AfricanBoy and as for me well ... kitu kimoja hakijabadilika though. Kwako sisikii. Lol!

Lakini hayo yoteee ni mifano tu ya jinsi gani ukiwa na mahusiano na mtu anayekujenga kifikra na vinginevyo maisha yako yanaweza kukaa sawa. Siwezi kueleza ni jinsi gani uwepo wako katika maisha yangu yamenibadilisha na kunikuza na kuniboresha. All things are God's design. Namuomba Mungu akuongoze and akupe maisha marefu sana sana sana. Maisha yenye mafanikio, afya bora na furaha tele. Una moyo wa kipekee sana tofauti na mtu yeyote ninayemfaham. Nasikitika kuwa mbali na wewe leo hii lakini unajua nikipata, umepata na tunazidi kwenda #Juu. Oh by the way kwa mashabiki wetu ngoma yetu ya kwanza ya pamoja inaitwa #Juu."