Every Nairobian has a struggle that they can relate to on a personal level. These are some of mine and I reckon you can find some part of yourself here.

Twende kazi.

  1. Heavy rains but no water in most apartments.
  2. The city under the sun... which is really under garbage.
  3. You are equally scared of both the police and thieves.
  4. Everybody expects you to pay them for a basic service Parking attendant: “Si ulete kitu kidogo”. Public office: “Una kitu kidogo nikuskumie hii document?”
  5. You have stooped so low that you now confuse development with road construction. “Huyu jamaa anafanya kazi…. Amejenga bara bara”
  6. Sanford chips are slowly becoming a luxury but you still love them
  7. Children now aspire to be drug barons, tenderpreneurs or in politics. Hii aspiration ya kukuwa CEO tuliwacha. Sponsors are the new role models
  8. You are always looking for a place with wi-fi because bundles run out faster than you can say ‘Kulwa’
  9. As you walk in town, you worry about several things. Teargas, city council chasing hawkers, being hit by a matatu, phone thieves, chokoraas, protesters……
  10. You are part of at least 5 whatsapp groups and you know someone who is a sports betting consultant.