It's boycott season in Kenya. Everybody knows one thing that a friend is abandoning a product or two….. what should Kenyans boycott?

  1. Sharing avocado. I'm tired of going to the kibanda and being told “Si unibakishie kidogo?”. Kenyans, let us boycott this behavior!
  2. Kenyan men kuparara. Kenyan men, there is a reason why Arimis is sold at supermarket. Kama ng'ombe haiparari, wewe ni nani?
  3. Saying “Me I”. Kenyans are the only people in the world who say “Me I want to go there…..”. Boycott saying this NOW!!!
  4. Love for free wi-fi. These days when a group of friends meet in a kibanda, the first thing they say is “Wi-fi password ni nini?”
  5. Kulipa matatu na 1,000 bob. First of all, there is no reason to make us all look poor. Also, if you are going to have 1000 bob as you take a matatu, you really should just download Uber na utuwache sisi wengine.
  6. Forming committees. We love committees as a country. Reconciliation committee, Changia mzinga committee, wedding committee, WhatsApp group committee... some of these committees don’t even have per-diem.
  7. Always asking for discounts. Hii tabia ya kuingia supermarket na kuuliza “Si hii Nakumatt ina anguka... si upunguze bei ya hii matchbox kidogo... niko na 2 bob”

What else should you boycott this season?