The easiest way to become famous in Kenya is to become an eyewitness. Eyewitnesses have become celebrities and are celebrated. Some of them have even gone to earn money through endorsements in commercials... so, how can you craft a successful eye witness career?

  1. Get dark shades that are fancy. Yes, people will then create a challenge trying to become you
  2. Get a funny accident. Remember all those “Ni kama ndrama, ni kama vindeo” or “Aliwekewa bonoko”. Accidents in this case are precious.
  3. Always be free and on the lookout for any crisis. To get yourself out there, be vigilant in your awareness of the crazy stuff happening to you.
  4. Have contacts for media houses and call them whenever anything happens. “Mama kibanda amechapa Njoro juu hajalipa bill”. Be sure to have a smartphone so that you can shoot videos and take photos.
  5. Learn how to be a great storyteller the Kenyan way. “Alicha….. alichapwa. Aliangu…… aliangushwa. Tukakimbi…… tukakimbia”
  6. Practice… Practice…. Practice. Practice how you will be in front of the camera. Practice how you will tell your story. Practice your accent.