Losing a loved one is never an easy thing to deal with. Your heart feels empty without that person and it takes time before one heals.

Scott the Violinist, one of the most celebrated violinists in the country, lost his mother years ago. Her death affected him and his brother, DJ Protege and he still finds it hard to talk about it.

But he's forever grateful for his brother because he played a very big role when their mother died.

Scott took to social media to express his gratitude to his brother as he turned a year older.

He said,

"I think the hardest part of my childhood that I hardly ever speak of was is the loss of our mom. Our lives changed drastically and we literally had no time to sympathize about it. I was completely lost with no one to look up to except my brother. This guy took charge. Suddenly he had the leadership of a father, unconditional love of a mother, had my back as a brother and friend. I celebrate you for fighting through the challenges we faced. I celebrate you for the man you are now and I celebrate you for being my only brother. I am absolutely blessed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAMP you are the real Simba 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @djprotegekenya."