There's nothing as bad as dating a weak man. He will always cheat on you with other women and claim that they are the ones looking for him and not the other way round.

A classic cowards explanation.

A married woman has written to a relationship expert complaining about her husband whom she suspects is cheating on her.

This woman claims that recently, she stumbled upon a nude photo of a woman on her husband's phone and upon asking him, he told her that he's used to that and that wasn't new to him.

"I Checked my husband's phone and went straight to his Whatsapp and saw a nude pic of a lady saying 'see your boobs'. I texted him what I saw this is what he said; 'I have been sent worse than that so many times. It's not my fault, it doesn't make sense to me. That's women for you. Then he sent this again. Sometimes I try telling you things to show you how desperate women are, but knowing the kind of person you're I let it be'. As I said I'm pissed off. Don't know what to do. Am just going to snub him until he apologizes," the angry woman wrote.

Check out reactions from social media users

Deborah: Your Hubby is trying to play smart! So random girls just keep sending him nudes! And you are just waiting for him to apologise! Don’t worry, he will give you a dozen roses and apologies! That doesn’t seem to be a problem for him!

Yudoorah: You need to be more of his gossip mate. You do not need an apology

Kelly: This your character is the reason why he didn't want to show you in the first place

Elsie: Please look at the pics and laff. My husband shows me all sort of pics and videos from ladies, we just compare and laff over it. Even married ladies sends him videos of them playing with their breast and clit. Some ladies are just stupid. If ur husband didn't want u to see them, he would've deleted them. These days, women prefer married men to single guys and their desperation is more than desperadoes.

Stellaezekwe: And you think that's d right way to handle the issue, learn to be ur spouse friend, always gist with him on things like that, he will be free with u, his response here shows u don't really know how to handle issues.

Flawlessce: Point is how did they get his number in the first place???

Ogamode: His response could be a planned defence mechanism. Sharp guy.

Ginikaokoro: Apologise for what exactly. Calm down act like you believe him spy on his WhatsApp.... then start with the I can't believe girls could be so desperate talk... wait and see if he would show and tell you more if not you can start acting from there.

Habil: Snubbing him means giving the ladies yardsticks to pull ur hubby.... talk to him and settle.

Noel: Sharp nigga.... He turned everything around... 😂