Sex For Pads? 'Mums Who Allow Sex For Pads Must Be Punished' Says Governor's Wife

Piece by: Queen Serem

Reports that young girls trade sex for as little as Sh100 to buy sanitary pads have outraged the wife of Busia Governor’s Mrs. Judy Ojaamong.

In an interview with Radio Maisha yesterday, Ojaamong said mothers should be punished for encouraging or allowing heir daughters to have sex for money to buy pads.

“This is unfortunate. It must be brought to an end. Mothers who encourage their children to engage in immoral behaviour should face the law,” she said.

Ojaamong said she would reach out to all leaders to find ways of ensuring that no girl will fail to go to school because of lack of sanitary pads.

“I will work with members of the county assembly, Members of Parliament, the woman representative, the senator and the governor to end this shame,” she said.

The-sex-for-pads scandal comes a few days after a startling revelation about teen pregnancies in Busia.

County director of Medical Services Dr. Janerose Ambuchi said 433 girls aged between 10-14 years gave birth between 2016 and September 2017.

Ojaamong said disco matangas (funeral discos) are a big contributor to teenage pregnancies.

She also cited general poverty and lack of parental guidance.

The governor’s wife urged the state to ban the discos to curb pregnancies.

Listeners to the programme praised the First Lady for initiating a teen mentorship programme, saying it has helped shape many girls’ lives.

A Kiambu man said he wants the First Lady to run for office in Kiambu because of her work in Busia. Others urged her to go for the Busia woman representative seat in 2022.

Last Tuesday, Ambuchi revealed the high rate of pregnancies among young girls. She spoke at an event to mark World Contraception Day.

County Health director Melsa Lutomia said Busia leads Kenya in teenage pregnancy at 21 per cent. The national prevalence rate is 18 per cent.