Supreme Court Judge, Njoki Ndungu together with Jackton Ojwang are the only Supreme Court Judges who dissented when four others judges including Chief Justice David Maraga agreed with the nullification of Uhuru Kenyatta’s win during the hearing of August 8th presidential petition filed by the opposition party leaders.

After reading out her ruling, Njoki Sussana Ndungu got diverse reactions that ranged from love to hate. Depending on which side of the political divide one came from.

The former Citizen TV anchor Julie Gichuru recently expressed admiration for Njoki Ndungu. She however didn’t base her praise on Njoki’s controversial judgement but rather other things like how Njoki champions women’s rights when she was still a nominated MP.

Below is what she wrote;

"You are my HERO alongside our fellow Loreto sister Wangari Maathai.

I watched you passionately work on the Sexual Offences Bill then present it to a hostile parliament that vowed to shoot down any attempt to protect women. You lobbied tirelessly & against all odds saw the passage of the Sexual Offences Act 2006, an Act that now provides a firm foundation for the protection of women, children & men. Resolute, determined, knowledgeable, principled & purposeful, you MADE A DIFFERENCE.

During the post election mayhem of 2007/2008 I struggled to find Voices of Reason amidst the threatening bray of loud extremists. You spoke up for peace & justice when many others were fearful. You took a NOBLE STAND FOR KENYA.

I watched you work diligently on the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, making time to inform & educate Kenyans on the content of the draft. When you were concerned that processes were not being followed in the Commission you spoke out, UNBOWED BY PRESSURE & INFLUENCE.

You have delivered the most thorough, detailed & researched dissenting opinion in the Supreme Court ruling on the 2017 General Election. UNBOWED, you have spoken hard truths, for that you are now under fire from some quarters. Such is life.

George Orwell wrote a fascinating essay, Shooting an Elephant. As a young officer in Burma, he was notified of an elephant that wandered into the village. A growing, braying mob that resented him goaded him on, demanding that he shoot the elephant. He knew it was scared, it had caused damage, agitated when it first wandered into the village but now the majestic animal was calm. He felt strongly that the right thing to do was to lead it safely, unharmed, out of the village. But this was not popular with the loud extreme voices of the mob. So, what was he to do?

You, Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu, refused to 'shoot an elephant'. Most importantly, you took the time, effort & care to give the situation the time, effort & seriousness that it deserved. I salute you!

You are an exemplar. Stand tall as the winds blow. Your foundations are strong, woman of purpose, substance & grace. Stand tall knowing that there are so many more standing with you!"

However the post brought about mixed reactions from readers;

charlesodhiambo98: You people are milking Kenya dry.. 'n very soon we shall have our say

dennisthemenace254: @charlesodhiambo98 who are you talking about?

jemimadnjenga: May God keep her safe as she continues to serve in this generation

sarahmwebia: I love njoki Ndungu and salute her

juliegichuru: @charlesodhiambo98 who is 'You people'? Which milk of yours have I touched? I grew up on a farm and my grandmother taught me to milk our cows. It is a lesson I have never forgotten. I have never milked another persons cows. It makes sense to invest time, effort, capital and sweat in your cows, as you will milk yours, not someone else's. Speaking of milk. I also breastfed all my children for up to 2 years (some longer). The only milk I have had from others was when I attended a government school for two years and we were given Nyayo milk at the end of the day. Hii maziwa yako ni gani?

juliegichuru: Thank you for all the heartwarming comments. Loreto women are cut from a cloth of velvet titanium, strong as heck but with a touch of velvet. Voices of grace warm our spirits 🙏

ezzomj: I also respected her n still do stare n admire in awe of her achievements til juzi's unlike these other guys who hate her for nothing cz of her dissenting judgement, I just feel she spent so much time attacking the other judges instead of dealing with the motion at was honestly disappointing saana

joseend: @ezzomj: That is what a dissenting opinion is supposed to do, show why you disagree with the others. She was just doing her job. Same way the majority were doing their job despite what some quarters may say.