When it comes to sex, men have different preferences.

There are those who like women who moan so loudly so that everyone can hear that they are good in bed and there are those who like it silent.

Yaani uume pillow, mama.

These are the type of men who will even cover your mouth with tape just to ensure that your voice is not heard when he is thrusting your NUNU.

Apparently This Is How Kenyan Women From These 7 Tribes Orgasm In Bed

Well, recently, a female student brought business to a standstill at a men's hostel after visiting her boyfriend.

On that particular day, the lady had a date with her boyfriend and while everyone in the men's hostel was busy, the two started making love and the lady who seemed to enjoy the 'mtree', moaned so loudly attracting everyone's attention.

Tens of male students conveyed outside the room and others stood at the hallway just to have a glimpse of the 'MVP' as she made her way out of the hostel after receiving some good sex.

Some went ahead to salute her and cheered as she walked hesitantly on her way out of the hostel.

Here are the photos





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