Did you know that you can actually request a gaming operator to exclude you from playing with them for a set length of time? This is one of the measures that have been put in place to help pundits have control over betting.

This is done through self-exclusion.

How it works

Self-exclusion simply means asking the gaming provider to temporarily close your account for a particular period.

During self-exclusion, you will not be allowed to re-open your account or any new account.

Monitoring Mechanisms will be put in place for any activity related to your account or profile on the betting platforms. Any new accounts detected will be closed immediately.

Kenya's biggest sports-betting website, SportPesa takes self-exclusion seriously and because they have become a global phenomenon, they sought to match their reputation.

Here's how to request for SportPesa Self-Exclusion...

Write an email to info@sportpesa.com to request for temporary closure of the account for the preferred time duration.

Once this request is sent, their representatives will get in touch to confirm the request and you will thereafter receive an email acknowledging receipt. This is typically within 48 hours of sending a Self-Exclusion request.

What does the Account Closure process entail?

Once Sportpesa receives a Self-Exclusion request, the process of closing the account begins. It mainly involves checking account balances or any pending bets and deactivation of the account; as well as setting alerts for any activity related to the particular account or profile on SportPesa betting platforms.

How soon after requesting a self-exclusion will it be activated?

This process requires reasonable working period to implement. However, SportPesa will endeavor to effect the self-exclusion as soon as possible.

Typically, it will take a maximum of 48 hours to implement after you receive an email acknowledging receipt of self-exclusion request on your account from a SportPesa Agent. Once the account closing process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email alerting you of the temporary closure. The self-exclusion period is considered as having commenced when it is communicated to you.

What happens to the balance in your SportPesa account after temporary closure?

If you have any balance, SportPesa will reach out to you to withdraw or get consent that you would want the money to remain in your account.

What happens to bets that had been placed which have not yet reached a conclusion?

Any unsettled bets will be settled on the result of the event. If your bet is a win, you can contact our Customer Support team to arrange for the payment of your winnings to be made.

What to do if you can still access your SportPesa Account after start of Self-Exclusion period?

If you can still access any of the SportPesa services after having received communication of activation of your Self-Exclusion period, kindly notify them immediately. Write an email to info@sportpesa.com informing them of your continued access to SportPesa services.

What to do during the Self-Exclusion period?

It is recommend that one should seek additional support and advice during the self-exclusion period. Once the period expires, SportPesa will automatically re-open your account.