Jela Sio Vacation: Man Jailed For Stealing Kshs.40 Cabbage Bailed Out By Well Wishers

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

A Casual labourer identified as Robert Kihara can now smile after being bailed out by well wishers and former KTN reporter Saddique Shaban.

Jela Sio Vacation: Man Jailed For Stealing Sh.40 Cabbage Bailed Out By Well Wishers

Kihara who had been jailed for two months could not hide his joy after he was declared free ,six days after his sentence.

The middle aged man became a visitor of the State  for stealing a piece of cabbage worth Kshs.40 which he wanted to cook.

According to sources, he plucked the cabbage from a garden owned by the Mercy Mission Hospital in the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru, where his brother Father Francis Mugo serves as a priest. He was intercepted while almost going out of the gate.

Father Francis defended his action saying he had Kihara put behind bars as a way of rehabilitating him due to his ‘bad manners’.

Kenyans came out to bail him out in what they termed as an injustice by the judicial system in Kenya. After Kihara's arrest was highlighted by the media, Father Francis, who was in the court on Tuesday when well-wishers freed his brother, fled through the fence of Eldama Ravine court after realizing that a crowd had gathered to witness the incident.

While speaking to the media after his release, Kihara said that although he had forgiven his brother, he was not ready to go back to live in the church compound. Saddique Shaban and other well wishers present, bought him new household items for him to start a new life.

Robert says that this is the first time he has been caught on the wrong side of the law and plans on it being the last.