Diamond Platnumz, a bongo star, father of two and husband to Uganda-South African lass Zari Hassan is in trouble.

Well, the Mdogo Mdogo hitmaker has been accused of cheating on Zari with a Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto.

Reports have it that Mobetto, the video vixen to Diamond's song Salome is heavily pregnant while rumour says that the fashionista might be carrying his child.

The reason why the two might have been linked together is the fact that Mobetto and Diamond once had a 'thing' In the past.

We can well remember that Mobetto was accused of sleeping with the bongo star when Zari found earrings that looked like hers in her Tanzanian matrimonial bed.

It is no surprise that Mobetto and Zari's husband has been linked again.

This has angered Diamond's mother, Sanura Sandra Kassim, alias Kendrah Michael as she went on to tell a Tanzanian based radio station that the only daughter-In-Law she knows is Zari.

Diamond's mum told Clouds;

“Umempa wewe? Napatana naye. Mimi napatana na kila mtu. Ananiona nuski, mbona unataka nionakene mimi mbea? Mimi nakuambia sinaga mambo hayo ya kukaa na watu kumuongelea mtu. Mimi napatana na Zari aliyeniletea watoto."

From what social media can tell us, it seems that Zari and Diamond are not seeing eye to eye as the two might have not seen each other since the death of Zari's ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga.