Kenyan comedians should be sacred or rather change their strategies or else, in the next few years, they will be obsolete. Redundant. Bila taste.

here is why we have made these bold claims. There's a new crop of self made comedians such as Njugush, Propesa, Desaggu just to mention but a few who are taking over the comedy and acting industry.

These lads and lasses are talented. They are hardworking and their creativity is on another level.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is introducing DJ Shiti of Real Househelps of Kawangware. He is one of the most talented actors/comedian giving the veteran comedians the likes of Eric Omondi, David the Student, Owago Onyiro among others a run for their money.

DJ Shiti is talented, passionate and always leaves us in stitches whenever her graces the screen.

The multi-skilled actor has won the hearts of many locally and who knows, he might be voted in the best actor come next year during the Riverwood awards.

Sauti Sol, the top Kenyan boyband have endorsed DJ Shiti as the next big thing.

Below are photos of DJ Shiti, go through