I have some interesting information, which I want you to pay attention to. Give me at least two minutes of your time, guys.

You see, the government has come up with a new measure to help the youth take charge of their health. This is what The Ministry of Health in Kenya has now included PrEP as part of a combination of strategies to reduce new HIV infections in Kenya. PrEP means Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.

This is by using a daily pill which helps HIV negative people at risk of getting HIV to protect them from infection.

Why do I feel that you need this information? Well, stay with me and you will discover why.

You see, according to research by National Aids Control Council, majority of youth are sexually active. That is not all. Up to half a million Kenyans have no idea whether they are HIV positive or negative, because they are very reluctant to go get tested. This is why the PrEP is important.

This pill is meant to be swallowed daily by people who know they are at an on-going risk of contracting HIV. These people include those whose lifestyles keep them at risk of contracting HIV. This includes those who do not use condoms, men who have sex with men, discordant couples among others.

You see, PrEP is about loving yourself enough to protect yourself from infection in order to live a long and healthy life.

Now guys, this pill is not like some wonder drug and it will call for your personal discipline when using it. When you know that your life is no longer in the line of riskiness to exposure, you may stop using the pill. Otherwise, once you start the pill, you must be consistent in taking it because you need to swallow it for at least three weeks before it becomes effective, and still continue swallowing it daily.

Over to you guys! Pay a visit to your nearest health facility, and learn as much as you can about how to live healthy if you are HIV positive, and how to stay negative if you are HIV negative. Go for it!

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