Heshimu wazazi. That is one tenets of the holy book that is drilled into our minds. We are told honour your parents and you will live a long and blessed life.

Kenyans online screamed bloody murder after the beautiful Joyce Omondi introduced her parents-in-love to the public.

The photo shows Citizen TV's Waihiga Mwaura's parents. Aki anafanana baba yake! The photo was taken after a church service.

Here it is.

Joyce wrote, "Yesterday I had the honor of co-facilitating the services at CITAM Parklands with #theonehekeptforme before his parents came on to deliver the message of the day. Truly a memorable #familyaffair!?"

One fan identified as Elizabeth Clara Musimbi wrote,

"Hamjazaa bado? mnangoja?"


Another one called Anitah Nitty wrote,

"Correction: '...Before our parents', not his parents, your one now oooh."

In the past Joyce has blasted haters calling them "..." folk.

Beside the haters, here are some folks who ooze nothing but love for our girl, Joyce.

Prettysweetke: Oh my Gosh! Don't you look excruciatingly stunning!

Lilian Induswe: A fruit falls next to its tree I thank God for blessing you with God fearing Inlaws who raised a God-fearing man for you, my God fearing beautiful sister. Blessings all through dear.

Wamaitha Mugure: You see the way you should refer to your special people.

Angela Obinoo: Thank God for a loving family he has given you.

Nuru Wakianda: I love that analogy #TheOneHeKeptForMe