Just like women are using social media platform to look for love it has also become a place to search for their co-wives with the phrase 'wanawake ni kusaidiana' being used often. Nairobi women are posting photos of their mzungu lovers asking mafisilets to let them know if they are sharing ama hao ndio wenye hizo virago tuu.

Now, there is a mzungu who has gone viral after her nubian babe asked Nairobi mafisilets to confirm if that mzungu is choviaring other honey pots.

The lady who is looking for her co-wives has gotten some answers from several users with some claiming that the guy in question did shoot at someone once.

Well we do not know how legitimate this specific accusation is but as another adviser told her 'it is a date not a marriage proposal' therefore she can go on and be added in the weighing options list.

Here are some of the hilarious and savage comments that broke the poor lasses heart to million pieces.

"I know him vizuri sana! He is a lecturer somewhere in Karen! He was my ex! Nikadinya huyu! All these yrs bado ako tagged!" one city girl wrote.

Woi ngoja ataftwe tagged akatiwe na mimi

Huyu sahau! He has a line of girls from here to Timbuktu! Very stingy! He is a catholic priest and loves an*l s*x! We dated for 6 months back in the days until i found out he was playing me with other women! Knows Swahili like a local! If he is still in Tagged we kimbia!!

Cheeeeiiii... A small world it is..... Chit Chat "FBI's"will be the end of us....

Kudos for helping a sister!

This guy told one of my work mate's that anaitwa Steven Smith from USA

Ana work na NGO. He knows Swahili yote na ana juana campia hoteli ya anjera side za kstreet

He used to wait for her everyday for one week s

Wololo.... N here I was like

My ticket to being a BYM*

Tena kudissapear after kuonha ninio..is difficult small.he disappeared after kukuta vitu

Wataka heart cancer nini??all men are cheats angalau wewe unachezwa from Karen imagine mwenye anakula hiyo tabu Githu 45?!