Yaani these days morality has been thrown out of the window. Nairobi girls are hunting for blessers, sponsors and ancestors to fund a lavish lifestyle. Gone are the days when young girls aspired to build a career and work for their money.

A city girl took to social media to give these fisilets tips on how to get a mzungu pensioner.

The city girl wrote,

"So a mzungu tells you he is coming for holiday in the month of June, my dear sister shy away from that broke Ass man, in June it's summer time in Europe and mostly rainy season in Kenya,.....and flights are way cheaper and many hotels are closed so mostly what these so called Muzungus use are apartments and their friends houses, so girls be very aware????????????"

She continued;

"Don't fall for these muzungus who only want sex holidays from you, you are more worthy than a sex worker. Unless he is a mzungu on pension??? OK am done??Just to let you know, I will post some of the wazungus coming in June from Afro site, so beware?

Here are some of the reactions of chic who are hopping to snag a pensioner.

THAT'S A BIG LIE. in summer flights are more expensive than any other time of the year. Some people even opt to go to Europe countries to make holidays since they can't afford to pay more. So do your research well.

I read somewhere they were giving each other tips how to spend less...hehehe

I chat with a jungu and after two weeks he disappears like bubbles. isokey