Early today morning, a man sent money to coast based singer, Nyota Ndogo so that he can do something special for his girlfriend. Basically, she got paid Sh20,000 for a 2 minute job.

Nyota Ndogo spoke to The Star's Word Is... and narrated how early today morning a man called her and gave her a very interesting request.

The man wanted Nyota to give her girlfriend a wake-up call at 6 am in the morning and sing her "happy birthday".

"In my whole life, i'll be honest. I have never been paid to sing over the phone. It was a suprising request. At first i thought the Mpesa message was sent to my phone by mistake," Nyota said in a phone interview with Word Is.

What touched Nyota Ndogo even more, was the thought and love that the man put in coming up such a special and unique birthday experience for the girlfriend.

"Wow machozi yamenidondoka sio kwa hela japo hela nazo tamu but kwa mapenzi ya kweli kwa mrembo wake. Yani machozi ya furaha kumbe kuna watu bado wanajua kupenda? Sema Ahsante kweli wewe ni MUNGU," Nyota said.

Listen to her talk about this very unique birthday request by a Nairobi man, what she will do with the money and her thoughts on the whole issue.