When you are a public figure, you are open to more scrutiny because society places certain expectations upon individuals, especially when they are out there in the public.

Well, popular Ukambani politician Kalembe Ndile is at it again!!!

The Independent Party founder and leader is slowly morphing into what many are now calling a talented unaware comedian.

The politician was recently in the spotlight after he allegedly blacked out after taking one too many.

An alleged photo of him, drunk and asleep next to a lady, went viral last December.

Now, another picture of the politician is doing rounds online.

This time, he’s at undisclosed hotel trying to figure out how he’ll eat a crab. Yes! A Crab!! Marine food.

Kenyans were quick to troll the TIP TIP leader after he tried eating the crab like it was a "piece of chicken".

If you have never eaten crab legs before, the task may appear daunting and this was the exact case with the former Kibwezi MP.

See the photo below: