Parental guidance! Socialite Huddah Monroe seems to have started online classes for her female fans and without a doubt, all is going well. She has recently gone to social media advising lasses on their sexual health which she has specified to be for the most sexually active ladies.

In her message, Huddah has added that visiting a gynecologist regularly is on her to do list this year. Huddah, who went ahead to explain how gynecologists perform their work on the patient, raised eyebrows from her fans who have never heard about it. Let’s just say some things are important but need guts to talk about as openly as she is.

Some fans have gone ahead to appreciate this Kenyan socialite for the advice as others have criticised her saying it’s TMI (too much information).

Here is socialite Huddah’s advice;


It don’t mean you are sick when you go get your Vagina checked.

As a woman it’s important to visit your Gynae regularly especially if your are sexually active .

It’s the beginning of the year, go get your breasts examined; get your

Pap smears-( The test isn’t intended to detect cancerous cells, or cervical cells that have the potential to cause cancer. If these cells are found it lets you receive treatment to reduce the likelihood of you developing cervical cancer)

VAGINAL swabs/ PELVIC examinations-(During a pelvic examination Gynae examines your vulva, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.)

P***sy is the most delicate thing ever . Take care of it ladies . One ❤️️”