Any form of violence is wrong. Whether meted out on a woman, man or child. 

But that is just kak for some neanderthals who still think it is fine to tune up your woman when she does something wrong.

Kwesshiiooon, who then tunes up the man when he does something wrong in the domestic set up?

A married man took to social media to justify why he beats up his wife like a burukenge. Basically he is justifying his bad behaviour of assaulting his wife.

He wrote, "I need to address this issue on domestic violence in women. This domestic violent thing is overrated and women are beginning to hang on it to become more senseless without putting any effort of making the marriage work.

Am a married man and I have been married for 9 years. Am pleased to tell you that I hit my wife, I beat her up sometimes to correct her because women are babies and sometimes you need to go extra miles to correct them. My wife is my baby and am her man so I can't watch her do wrong, i beat her up and apologize to her, it's the same thing as flogging a child and dragging them with the other hands.

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He continued, "Look at our African parents, they beat us with all sort of object, shoes,stick, bottle anything they find around, I have seen parents pour pepe on kids just to correct them and even do worse, do you call that violence ? If you can do all that to a child and they survived it how can an adult die. Many domestic death we hear it's not the husbands that deliberately killed them it's always an accident. So I want you ladies to know that violence is part of marriage. Believe it or not, your husband must at least give you a slap for you to have sense especially in Africa. So make your marriage work please, those people you celebrate and admire anniversary also Endured violence .

Stop calling it violence see it as correction, see your self as a child and your man as your daddy, that way you will understand that love comes with tears.

I know the ladies will insult me but I will continue to beat my wife if she misbehaves it the best form of correction. but I will never kill her. I love her so much. Ladies beating is not enough to leave your marriage please see it as correction and make it work."