Life is sooooo funny.

I came across this story of a married woman who just hopes her hubby can learn to be romantic. She is looking to introduce the spark into their love life, but Mr Hubby is as clueless as a dead tree stump.

Huyu anaeza saidika aje?

Here is her story.

"My husband was beginning to complain too much that am so dry in bed and am not romantic, but I know I do my best even tho am not a sex person but I try to be on top and suck his dick. But he always wants me to talk dirty , call him daddy, scream like a mad person and make me fake orgasm I never ever get to. Our sex life became boring because he is always the director while I act as he instruct me," She wrote.

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"I got talking to my friends and began to explore the internet so I learnt few tips and decided to practice it on him.

As soon as we got back from church this morning I grabbed him and smacked his ass I expected this man to reciprocate with a kiss just like I saw in the book but instead he landed me a hot slap saying I disrespected him. How can we be coming back from church and am smacking his ass, that do I want To hinder his prayers and make God angry with him. This man left me and drove out.

Please fam what can we women do to please this men.

Cause am really tired of trying. I got a slap on new year's just because I was trying to be romantic," she added.