A signature hair-do defines the type of person you are.

It distinguishes one from the crowd, and of late, signature hair-dos are becoming a trend in the Kenyan showbiz industry. Celebrities are trendsetters and are always expected to look exceptional and set the pace and trends for their fans to follow especially when it comes to fashion.

But wait, are you team weaves, wigs or natural hair?

Well, our local celebrities are no less than superstars who exhibit great glamour and style. From TV girls to musicians, we have several with unique hairdos but this time round, Citizen TV's Janet Mbugua was caught off guard. She rocked a different hairstyle recently (not clear whether it was a wig or weave) that saw women put her on spot claiming that she looked 'horrible'. Janet Mbugua was on air presenting 9PM news but many concentrated on her dress code and hairstyle.

Some speculated that the sexy siren was going through a rough time in her marriage but who knows. Here are the photos

Check out some the comments

"Janet Leo mbona ulikosea your salonist? U look funny in that hairstyle," Commented one of her fans.

"Even your face Janet looks funny. What happened?" Read another comment

"Not that hair style please," another one said

"Gosh,i even thot we had a new news anchor with Janet' voice. Hio wig hapana mammy...." another one added

"Thought it's a new news anchor totally different from the Janet we know," commented another one

"Please, Janet don't redo that hair style you look horrible," read another comment.,

All the above comments were posted on Citizen TV's official page and below are some of the screenshots from Facebook

Janet later changed the hairstyle and here is her new or rather current hairstyle