I am not a woman. Obviously. So, I am in no position to talk about labour pains. I have never given birth, and I don't expect to. Obviously!!

However - because I am a social animal - I interact with women. Sometimes I get caught up in their mushene and from that I grab a thing or two about their world. I hope you all know women are from Venus.

The stories I have heard from our women make me so glad that God did indeed bring me into this world as a man! The things these ladies go through are enough to create a ten-season horror series film. Ndingehota!

Well. Enough said.

Singer Habida Moloney has just given birth to her second baby. A boy. This happened like two or so months ago. Right.

Habida, the Sunshine hit-maker, has told the "horrors" she had to go through in the final mile of getting her baby boy. And one was..... Drugs!!!!!

To my understanding, she was induced with the "drugs" to help her overcome the labour and give a normal delivery. Which she didn't. She had to go the knife way, after a more than 20-hour labour. I am still trying to understand it though.

"I was devastated, I didn’t want to go down a route where I was ripped open and a baby pulled out of me. Why women do elective caesarean is beyond me it just seemed horrific to me," she says of the CS operation.

All this was happening at a hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.

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This is what she had to say about her being on drugs at the time of giving birth...

"I was in and out of surgery in about an hour, where I was awake listening to them chat about this and that as they cut me in half and pulled out my son who cried immediately and made me cry too. I was an emotional wreck due to the drugs, happy, sad, in love and others that I don’t remember now."