Utamu wa vita ni ukuwe shabiki! So goes an ancient Zanzibari saying. Now, when two bulls fight, just be sure to be on the sidelines, some distance away from the locking horns, or you might find yourself engulfed in the bloodshed. Just be a bystander. A fan. A cheerleader, but just stay away from the fight.

Early today morning, loaded flamboyant businessman and politician Stanley Livondo almost got physical with two men believed to be of Congolese descent. The supposed altercation was caught on camera by an 'eager fan' at the reception area of a popular 5-star hotel in Mombasa.

In the video, Livondo almost punched, or was almost punched, by the heavily-built men, who engaged him in a hot exchange of words. Reports allege that the near fight was as a result of a deal gone sour.

Livondo is heard telling one of the men that they are the guys who "KILL" people in Kenya. In return, one of the Congolese guys retorts that he could be the one who "kills" people.

However, some security personnel and a female bystander (said to be Taita Taveta Women Rep Joyce Wanjala Lay) are seen intervening in an attempt to stop the verbal exchange between the trio from turning physical.


Watch the video below and be the judge...