This love thing seems to be a little bit more complex than most of us think. Many young people nowadays are just hopping into serious relationships without knowing what they're actually getting into. In less than just a year, there have been at least five celebrity couple breakups in Kenya and there might even be more.

Below are some of the local celebrity couples who've managed to keep their sh!t together for a couple of years despite all the rumors and controversies that might surround their relationships.

1. Nameless & Wahu - 11 years later the couple still looks like they met yesterday.

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2. Kenrazy & Sosuun - Even after rumors that Kenrazy was involved in an illicit affair with another woman, the two are still together and they seem to be doing just fine.

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3. James Smart and Remmy Majala -  KTN's James Smart and K24's Remmy Majala are arguably one of Kenya's favorite TV/celebrity couple.

4. Julie Gichuru & Tony Gichuru -  Even with haters always complaining that the ex-citizen TV Sunday Live show host deserves a better-looking man, they're still together.

5. DJ Creme & Denise  - Remember the sex tape? Many expected it to affect the superstar DJ's relationship, but did it?