• Wambui Kamiru and Kinyua had two kids.

• The two were married for close to five years before their marriage hit the proverbial 'rocks'.

 Wambui Wamae Kamiru is a name many can't forget.

Everyone wants to know who she is, and her past and some are even bold enough to prophesy her future. the gall!!!!

But worry not, we have some finger-licking, awwwww-inducing 411 on Wambui.

Wambui the widow to the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore was once married to a strong strapping Kenyan by the name of Joseph Kinyua.

The two were married for close to five years before their marriage hit the proverbial 'rocks'.

Joseph Kinyua is a graduate of the University of Liverpool with two degrees; a B. A in Philosophy and "another degree we aren't sure about" our source said.

Kinyua is the owner of Kenwest Cables; which deals with a local contracting company that focuses on the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of electrical copper and aluminum cables and conductors.

Kinyua and Wambui were blessed with twins however she moved out when the tots were 5 years old. The twins still live with their mother to date although they get to meet their father over weekends.

The break-up left the businessman devastated; he quit his job but years down the line, he seems to have coped with life.

Born in a wealthy family, Joseph Kenyua is a household name in the football industry and he is known for his passion for football.

He coaches young kids and he is the organizer of Amateur Football League. For those who have never seen Bob Collymore's wife ex-husband,

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