President Uhuru Kenyatta might have dismissed gay rights as a "non-issue" in Kenya, but for the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) it seems to be a very big issue and they're even willing to sue Google for it.

After banning the “Same Love” music video which featured Kenyan rapper Noti Flow and Joji Baro, the film classification board yesterday ordered Google to pull down the video which apparently promotes gay relationships.

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KFCB Chief Executive, Ezekiel Mutua wrote to Google Kenya asking them to take action against creators and distributors of the music video by Art Attack.

“Kenya must not allow its people to become the Sodom and Gomorrah of the current age through psychological drive from such content. We have written to Google to remove the video from their platforms. We expect they will do it within one week from now to avoid further violation of the law,” - Ezekiel Mutua

In a interview with Word Is, the producer of the video said that they expected a ban. "I was actually surprised it took that long — a week — for them to eventually ban it. So I wasn't surprised." He said.

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