LIPA AMA UHAME! Steve Mbogo's Angry Landlord Planning To Throw Him Out Of His Posh Home

Piece by: Mr Juma

Scandal after scandal. That's what it is. Steve Mbogo's woes are nowhere near over. , Steve Mbogo's landlord has come out frustrated after the fake millionaire claimed that the house he lives in is his. A source close to the landlord has told The Star that Mbogo has not paid rent for three months, accruing a debt of Sh. 1.3 million.

“Steve Mbogo doesn’t own that house, nor has he bought it, he is a tenant," the source told The Star's Word Is.

Mbogo's expose has brought to attention his fake claims that he is part of various boards in companies like Fly 540 and Faulu Bank. Both organizations have denied that.

"The sad thing about all this is that the person entrusted with the property is at pains to explain to the family how he can sell the property without their permission. Yet that is not the case; he is a tenant who pays Sh450,000 a month,” the source continued.

His colleague Babu Owino has since come out to defend Mbogo, saying that his friend's name is being tarnished because of a retrogressive culture based on the notion that youth cannot own billions.

Watch the video below: