Cancer should be declared a national disaster in Kenya. The disease kills millions of people across the globe and more so in Kenya where facilities and proper medical care are in short supply or too expensive.

Many people including celebrities have come up with campaigns to fight cancer, but the initiatives may not be enough as we continue to lose our loved ones.

Cancer patients face a lot of challenges such as lack of trained professionals in cancer care, poverty and lack of resources for managing cancer. The government too doesn't provide enough funds to provide care for diseases such as cancers. We have seen many die while queuing for radiotherapy due to lack of enough machines.

Well, if I continue writing about cancer, I might end up publishing a book. I am already shedding tears as I still remember close friends and relatives I have lost to this disease. In a bid to create awareness, I have decided to share with you a list of prominent Kenyans who succumbed to cancer. Below is the gallery: